I Tried Qafé Green Coffee for Weight Loss and Here are My Results

I Tried Qafé Green Coffee for Weight Loss and Here are My ResultsI came across Qafé green coffee, a special kind of drink which promises to increase the efficiency of your weight loss efforts and results. Although I don’t think I needed to lose any weight, I decided to go for it out of curiosity. And since I did not want to experiment on this alone, I convinced a friend who keeps talking about how she needs to lose weight from her behind and waist to join in.

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First things first; what is Qafé Green Coffee

Qafé green coffee is a premium blend of green coffee extract and Nutriose prebiotic fiber, which aids weight loss. It curbs hunger by 71% and speeds up your metabolism. This is highly due to the fact that green coffee beans contain 53% of Chlorogenic Acid (CGA), which facilitates your body’s ability to burn fat for energy. And Qafé contains unroasted green beans, which helps to preserve the high levels of CGA naturally.

The prebiotic fibers in Qafé green coffee promote the growth of good bacteria which in turn blocks additional calories. Hence it gives you an edge in your quest to live a healthy and active life (so it’s not for weight loss only).

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Getting Started on Qafé Green Coffee

I Tried Qafé Green Coffee for Weight Loss and Here are My ResultsAccording to the directions on the pack, you need to mix one sachet with 120-150 ml hot water. To say the least, I did not expect this slimming coffee to taste anything close to the real coffee (I am more of a Nespresso girl) but I was surprised at how close it came (not this close, but just close).

You are advised to drink the weight loss coffee in the morning and after dinner. So as not to interfere with my religious life-giving java mornings, I decided to have the green coffee mid-morning and again early afternoon. I try to stay away from any form of caffeine (real, low or otherwise) after 3 pm. My partner in crime was also doing the same. But she can drink coffee anytime and still sleep like a baby.

Curbing Hunger

Since one of the qualities of Qafé green coffee is to curb hunger, I was curious to see how this would develop. I happen to be one of those picky eaters, so I barely noticed any curbed hunger pangs. My friend on the other hand, who is always snacking on something whenever I take a peek at her, seemed to have had some form of control over her crazy cravings, which was a good sign. So I guess it curbs hunger on some people.

Visible Weight Loss Results

We continued with the coffee like clockwork for the next 15 days. I did not notice any change in my body, but I must say the usual bloating I normally get was drastically reduced to non-existent. So I guess the green coffee reduced the “size” of my waist.

My friend on the other hand still complained about her behind but I had to remind her that Rome was not built in a day. But all in all, did she lose some or not? The jury is still out on that one.

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I Tried Qafé Green Coffee for Weight Loss and Here are My ResultsWe had received a pack each of the Qafé green coffee, which contains 30 sachets. And since you are supposed to take two per day, that one pack lasted for 15 days. But would 15 days be enough to show results? My bet would be to drink the Qafé green coffee for at least 30 days if you are bent on seeing some serious change.

Also to note, the coffee is also suitable for vegetarians and comes in an easy and travel-friendly pack- available on the go. This is how I managed to be consistent without missing a single dose of this magic potion.


If you are interested in Qafé green coffee, it goes for USD 38 for one pack. You can find it online at QNET; a company that provides a variety of exclusive products to enhance the lives of its customers around the world.

Always seek the advice of your medical practitioner before commencing on any form of diet. And remember that we are all different with different bodies. Whatever results Jane might achieve will not be the same ones Lucy achieves. It all varies.


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