Emirati Soul Food at Mama Tani Café in Downtown Dubai

Mama Tani Café: Experiencing Home Away from Home Emirati CuisineIf you’ve ever been curious about Emirati cuisine, then Mama Tani café is one of the few eateries in Dubai that will leave you wondering no more. This Emirati soul food Café located in the heart of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard offers authentic Khameer and Chebab recipes as well as delicious breakfasts, patisserie, and daily specialty options.

Mama Tani, which means ‘Second Mother’, is reminiscent of the traditional, fresh and delicious food prepared by one’s grandmother or any special person in one’s life who serves advise and plates of soul food with love.

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Emirati Cuisine at its Best

Mama Tani Cafe has come to be known for its authentic Khameer bread, a round flatbread with humble Bedouin origins, with a golden crust, often split open to be stuffed with anything that tickles your fancy.  Whether it be saffron-flavored cream, chopped dates, labneh, basil, walnuts or pistachios, cheese and Oman chips, or black olive salad, these Emirati cuisine delicacies will leave you salivating for more.

Mama Tani Café: Experiencing Home Away from Home Emirati Cuisine

Mama Tani Cafe Concept

A concept by Omar Al Shamsi and Maitha Al Shamsi, Mama Tani café is a beautiful medley of traditional herbs, spices, sweets and savory treats along with a refreshingly contemporary setting. Whether it’s for a casual date, a workplace for digital nomads, a place for your work meetings or the IT place to hang out – this is a place to be for that delightful craving of Emirati cuisine.

Mama Tani Café: Experiencing Home Away from Home Emirati Cuisine
Omar Al Shamsi and Maitha Al Shamsi

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How the Café Came Along

According to Maitha Al Shamsi, who is the brains behind Mama Tani cafe, Mama Tani was the name taught to them by their Egyptian nanny for grandmother. This is what they affectionately called the nanny as toddlers and is a name that has grown with them. The concept is that of confections and ‘soul food’ that Emirati children have grown up eating from their mothers and second mothers. In short, Mama Tani café gives the children of the nation good food and fond memories of home, away from home.

Mama Tani Café: Experiencing Home Away from Home Emirati Cuisine

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With the Emirati cuisine eatery currently having only one branch in Downtown, Mama Tani café is soon opening a second one in Academic City.


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