Korean Beauty Secrets You Can Borrow For Your Skincare Routine

Korean Beauty Secrets You Can Borrow For Your Skincare RoutineIt is no secret that Korean people have beautiful skin. I mean, from those that I’ve come across or interacted with, I cannot help but just wonder at their flawless and unblemished skin. Actually, an old Korean acquaintance once told me it’s because of the rigorous skin care routine they undertake; and of course, their diet, not to mention the beauty spas dotting every street corner in Korean cities. And to make sure you also achieve or come close to achieving beautiful skin, I’ve listed a few Korean beauty secrets to help you along on your journey.

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 Korean Beauty Secrets You Can Adopt

Double Cleansing

As one of the most important of the Korean beauty secrets or any beauty secret, in that case, cleansing is quite important to the skin’s health. Before starting any skin care routine, you have to cleanse to remove the day’s dirt with a liquid makeup remover then use an oil cleanser to eliminate bacteria without drying up the skin. Afterwards, rinse with lukewarm water. Second cleansing involves using a mild cream or foaming cleanser.


Since it’s not a good idea to exfoliate your skin every day, just concentrate on scrubbing the areas that are really in need of scrubbing like the nose or cheeks.

Tone it Up

Tighten your skin with a hydrating toner that soothes the skin and restores the PH balance.

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Spritzing essence on the skin enhances the skin’s cellular renewal process which leads to a firmer skin. This is a step that our Korean friends never skip.


The ampoule is an essence that is rich in vitamins, is condensed and has a slick consistency. It mainly tries to solve those annoying anti aging issues.


Putting on facial sheet masks is another one of the Korean beauty secrets that never goes out of style. If you are going to do this, apply the skin mask two or three times a week only. Keep an eye out for specific masks that hydrate and promise to restore your skin’s youth. And if you are not a fan of masks, you can swap them with a quick facial massage.

Eye Cream

Apply some eye cream around the eye area so as to moisturize and to keep wrinkles at bay. Do not tug or pull while at it, rather just tap it in.


Use a light-weight emulsion which can double as a facial moisturizer and lightly massage it into your face and neck using your finger tips. For those who incorporate this in their skin care routines know that it promotes circulation.

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Sleeping Pack

Finally, for the grand finale, put on a night mask that locks in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated overnight. Alternatively, you can apply a hydrating night cream.

What do you think about these Korean beauty secrets? Do you think you can hack or is it a bit too much? Drop a line and share your thoughts.


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