Beauty Spotlight: Instagram Worthy Brows with Tweezerman

Instagram Worthy Brows: Flaunting Flawless Brows with TweezermanWhile Mona Lisa was able to get away without brows, we aren’t too sure about ourselves. Having Instagram worthy brows has become the rage nowadays, with new wacky trends popping up left, right and center. After all, brows – the unrivaled frames to our faces – are the most defining facial features with the power to make or break our look. I bet you’d agree too.

Every morning can become a quick brow disaster, as taming those arches and flaunting them flawlessly, is not an easy fete (at least for those of us who lack in the makeup expertise department). But this art is about to get easier (I think), with two of Tweezerman’s latest game-changing tools. If you don’t believe you can have Instagram worthy brows, then read on and find out yourself.

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Time to Flaunt Instagram Worthy Brows

Tweezerman X Huda Beauty Special Edition Beauty Kit

You’ve got to trust the queen of brows when she guides you to craft brows à la perfection. This much-awaited exclusive collaboration with Huda Beauty is here to help you fight brow challenges for perfect, expertweezed eyebrows. The Special Beauty Kit features four of Huda’s absolute favorite tools – Slant Tweezer, 10x Magnification Mirror, Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush, Huda Signature Lip Bag – all packed in her signature lip bag. Exclusively available on and The Dollhouse Salon-Dubai for AED 120.

Instagram Worthy Brows: Flaunting Flawless Brows with Tweezerman

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Tweezerman Expertweeze Lighted Slant Tweezers

High tech brows? Check. Instagram worthy brows? Check. This new Tweezerman bestseller is sure to light up your brow goals. The brand new tweezer is ergonomically designed and features the signature, award-winning Slant Tweezer outfitted with a convenient LED light to brighten the view. The light is great any time illumination is needed, and the added ergonomic support is perfect for shaping and capturing hard-to-see hairs naturally, even when you are not working in ideal lighting. Available for AED 160.


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