Hydrogen Infused Water is Now a Trend

hydrogen infused waterTruth be told, I have never come across any hydrogen infused water trend considering I’m always on the lookout for new ‘healthy trends’. Apparently, this so-called H2-water is great at ridding you of exhaustion and fatigue, instantly boosting your energy levels, and keeping you charged up for your activities (whatever they might be). So in the course of my search for this special water, I came across the H2GO, (a branded H2 water), which was recently launched by QNET.

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So, what’s all this noise about Hydrogen Infused Water?

According to the folks at QNET, who seem to know a thing or two about the H2-water, it is great for those who have hectic schedules and are always in need of an energy boost.

H2GO, their branded H2-water, is said to be an instant energy booster and contains anti-fatigue tablets that convert plain water into H2-rich water (wow). After drinking the water, the hydrogen molecules, which are light and small, are rapidly diffused deep into your cells, instantly energizing every part of your body (I can’t wait to try it!).

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And what are the benefits of H2GO?

Some of the reasons you should consider drinking hydrogen infused water include its ability to boost hydration, prevent tiredness, and support healthy living. In addition, if you are well hydrated, your mental focus and clarity are enhanced as well as your athletic performance, not to mention an increase in stamina and faster muscle recovery.

And another reason to try out H2G0 is that apart from its list of benefits, it gives plain water a pleasant citrus flavor (for those who can’t stand plain water).

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How to Prepare Your H2GO

Simply dissolve one tablet in a 300-500 ml bottle of water and close tightly. Wait for 10 minutes, then bottoms up on your hydrogen infused water!

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