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Engagement Rings Styles: Latest Trends by La Marquise Jewelry Love is (always) in the air this wedding season, and although love trumps all, it is time we talked about one of the favorite wedding topics… the beauty of the bling! Some people put a lot of thought into the style of the engagement rings as well as the cut and metal. Lucky for you (if you are dropping any hints), you don’t have to look too far because the engagement collection by La Marquise Jewelry covers all spectrums of wedding and engagement rings styles, with some top quality diamond cuts and designs.

Choosing engagement rings is super important. Not only is it a symbol of your love and forthcoming union, you’ll also likely be rocking it every day for the next decades (if you are lucky).  Classics, like the round-cut diamond solitaire, will always remain in style, but this isn’t a reason why you can’t explore more chic options to adorn your digits. And what’s wrong with having a shiny companion that shows off your personality and style?

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Latest Trends in Engagement Rings Styles

Twin Stacked Rings

Engagement Rings Styles: Latest Trends by La Marquise Jewelry These have been very popular amongst fashionistas and bohemians. This style has taken over Instagram and Pinterest feeds in 2017; not to mention it is a perfect win-win situation where you get to wear both your engagement and your matching wedding ring. You can even mix and match them with your other statement rings.

Touch Bands

Engagement Rings Styles: Latest Trends by La Marquise Jewelry 

These babies are super stylish interlocking rings that are trending nowadays. They are glamorous, shiny and big! If you are looking for a loftier accessory (or one that screams from the rooftops), this effortless twist interlock design is just what you need.

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Engagement Rings Styles: Latest Trends by La Marquise Jewelry 

Rose Gold

Rose appears to be a leading trend in fine jewelry with its subtle warm glow. If you want to make a statement, rose gold and diamonds make the perfect sophisticated duo when it comes to engagement rings styles.

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Mixing Metals

Engagement Rings Styles: Latest Trends by La Marquise Jewelry Mixing different precious metals is so 2017! It is simply a perfect trilogy of white diamonds and rose, white, and yellow gold rings. For those brides-to-be that love to mix and match, this is definitely your go-to piece. So be ready to say hello to a ring that goes with your entire jewelry collection!

On the other hand, if you prefer something more unique, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing your dream wedding or engagement rings to life. All you need is a great craftsman.


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