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Not an Art Person? Here are 5 Reasons that Will Inspire you To Visit an Art Gallery

UAE Art Galleries: 5 Reasons Why You Should Have Them on Your Bucket ListIt’s been an amazing couple of weeks for the UAE’s art and culture scene. The long-awaited Louvre Abu Dhabi is finally open to the public, Art Abu Dhabi has officially started, and Alserkal Avenue has an array of new exhibitions to start off the UAE art season. And this is only the start as winter descends on the Emirates with more art exhibitions, initiatives, and talks planned in and around UAE. This is obviously great news for art enthusiasts. However, there are many of us who know that art is a worthwhile activity to take part in but unfortunately we don’t do that. That’s why I have Maan Jalal, an arts, culture, and entertainment aficionado here to educate us more on why we should be paying more attention to UAE art galleries.

Restaurant Review: A Regal Breakfast at Günaydin Dubai

Günaydin Dubai: A Breakfast of Kings Awaits Every WeekendA couple of weeks ago, a close friend woke me up quite early on a Friday (which is the first day of the weekend here) to accompany her for some sort of shopping about 3 emirates away. On our drive back to Dubai after our ‘unusual’ shopping experience, I remembered that I had received a breakfast invite at Günaydin Dubai, a special Turkish steakhouse. So I directed my good friend to the place and after locating the eatery, we were fast seated and ready to be served.

10 Reasons to Visit Montenegro this Winter

Visit Montenegro porto montenegro On our side of the Sahara, we are already savoring winter. That cool breeze that comes as the mercury dips is our winter and we love it! But in as much as some of you have been looking forward to this winter, others prefer a whiter winter, hence their need to travel to someplace pretty cold, like say, Montenegro. Have you been there? No? Neither have I; but I have put together (not many), just 10 reasons why you should visit Montenegro aka the ‘Black Mountain’ through Porto Montenegro.

Caviar Facial Review: The Art of Smearing a Costly Delicacy on Your Face

Caviar Facial Treatment: The Art of Smearing a Costly Delicacy on Your FaceA week ago I had the great opportunity to try out a caviar facial treatment. I have always wondered what would make a person opt to have caviar smeared all over their face instead of relishing the delicacy as it was meant to be. So, armed with this thousand Dirham question, I headed into the treatment room where the lovely and ever-smiling laser and skincare expert – Amira Nassar – was waiting patiently to give me her world-class caviar facial treatment.

Let’s Talk Teeth Whitening and Smile Transformation

Teeth Whitening & Smile Transformation: Treatment Combinations to Achieve that Hollywood GrinA smile is most likely the first thing you’ll notice about a person. And a simple smile also includes flushing those pearly whites (although toothless baby smiles are over-the-top cute). This is where cosmetic dentistry comes in, that’s if you want to have that toothy Hollywood grin. The best thing is that with today’s technology, you can do anything you want with your dentals; from teeth whitening and having perfectly even teeth to smile transformation.