Travel Spotlight: A Scent-Filled Autumn Retreat at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam: A Scent-Filled Autumn Retreat in the Heart of EuropeDuring autumn, where better to experience an exceptional retreat than at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam located in the heart of the storied Dutch capital? Here, if you are curious enough, you will find a collection of six 17th century canal palaces on the Herengracht, or for inquisitive minds, that ‘Gentleman’s Canal’.

Built during the Golden Age and enjoying one of the most prestigious and picturesque locations in the city, the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam unlocks the very best the city has to offer. And Autumn seems to be the ideal time to soak up the culture; a time when the leaves start to color and the nights draw in.  The season is enhanced with the hotel’s unique fragrance ritual, that awakens the senses with a range of bespoke scents.

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Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Fragrance Ritual

If you make this your destination of choice this Autumn, upon arrival, you will be welcomed with the hotel’s unique ‘house’ fragrance Melchior, which is circulated throughout the hotel by two ornately burning candles in the lobby. This heady scent permeates the air, enhancing the evocative sensory journey of each stay. To further enhance the personalized nature of the hotel, you are then invited to choose one of the hotel’s four fragrance scents to be sprayed in your room throughout your stay.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam: A Scent-Filled Autumn Retreat in the Heart of Europe

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Not Your Usual Candles

These scents are not your usual run-of-the-mill scented candles. They are made by renowned candle maker Cire Trudon, exclusively for the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. The candle-making company was founded in 1643 when Claude Trudon became the owner of a boutique on the rue Saint-Honoré and created candles to light churches and homes. In 2007, the company took the name “Cire Trudon” and became a specialist in manufacturing perfumed candles that it is today, enlisting well-known “noses” to create perfumes for the stories it wishes to tell. Each candle is still dripped and made by hand, perpetuating a luxury manufacturing which helps perpetuate the skills of its founder, Claude Trudon.

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Fusion Experience Treatment

When you’ve had enough of the fragrance ritual, feel free to retreat to the restful oasis of the hotel’s luxury Guerlain spa, to pamper your mind, body, and soul in the ‘World of Guerlain’. Fresh for the season, you can enjoy the signature Fusion Experience treatment created exclusively for Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. This unique body massage blends warm oil and ice bubbles recreating the fusion between earth and water. A vitalizing massage is a perfect way to unwind, release tensions and stimulate the energy flow.

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Highlights of the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Other things that stand out at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam (apart from the seasonal scents) include the grand staircase by the architect of Louis XIV, Daniel Marot and the displays of priceless eighteenth-century art in the Maurer dining room. You can also satiate your appetite in the stylish Peacock Alley or the gastronomic paradise of the Goldfinch Brasserie, before exploring the city’s illustrious history and cultural events. Stroll along the canal to the shopping district, or spend a day amongst the exquisite famous Old Master artists including Vermeers and Van Goughs in Amsterdam’s many museums, visit the opera, or take a peaceful and leisurely boat trip on the network of canals to view the architectural artistry of the city.


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