Review: Glycolic Acid Skin Peel 50%

Review: Glycolic Acid Skin Peel 50%I decided to do a quick pick-me-up for my skin, and this time around I chose the glycolic acid skin peel 50%, aka milk peel. I wanted to go for something easy with immediate results, and one that would not have any downtime. So after a short consultation with Ms. Amira Nassar, IPL Laser and Skin Care Specialist at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic, she suggested I go for the glycolic acid skin peel; not 10% or 20% strong but a whole 50%. I was not worried though because a couple of days earlier I had seen a colleague who did the same skin peel and boy, was she glowing!

What a Glycolic Acid Skin Peel Does

Review: Glycolic Acid Skin Peel 50%
Amira Nassar – IPL and Laser Therapist

Before I give you the details of my glycolic acid skin peel experience, for those who don’t know about it, it’s a mixture of 3 chemical skin peels rolled into one. These include glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid, which have different roles when applied onto the skin. The glycolic peel, if done by a professional, should not have any downtime, pain, scarring or any after-effects whatsoever.

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And according to Amira, the glycolic peel, which can be done on all skin types and tones, reduces oil secretion (good for oily skin), minimizes skin pores, evens the skin color, stimulates collagen, and improves the look and feel of the overall skin among other things.

Preparation for the Peel

Before the actual glycolic acid skin peel is done, your face has to be prepped, and this time it was done by lovely Eileen, the nurse that assists Amira. She started off by cleansing my face i.e. removing makeup, which by the way I had not applied, and I thought my face was clean, but hey, the pros know what they are doing. Then she did a bit of exfoliation with some gel whereby she massaged my clean face into submission; and after that, I was ready for the much-awaited glycolic acid skin peel.

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The Peel

Well, the actual peel did not take long. Amira applied a white form on my face which she massaged (again) until it disappeared somewhere into the confines of my face. Immediately after she applied the concoction (glycolic acid skin peel), then set the timer for 2 minutes (I guess). As we were waiting for the peel to do its job, Eileen was busy with a hand-held electric fan pointed at my face. At first, I thought that maybe she didn’t want me to sweat or something, but soon I found out what it was for because my face started stinging here and there. All I wanted to do was scratch, but I could not because, well, it’s not a good idea. But just as I was focusing on the itch, the timer went off and it was time to neutralize the acid. The relief I felt was the highlight of the treatment until I saw the outcome.

Review: Glycolic Acid Skin Peel 50%
Before & After

Well, I know sometimes we women can just glow out of the blue or have dull skin out of the blue, and sometimes we hope the glowing would last for a while. Well, the results from the glycolic peel were out of this world, because I don’t think my poor face has ever glowed that much. Everyone was commenting on it, and the best part is I went straight back to work. Zero redness, zero itching, and pure glow. I actually think someone could have used my glowing as a torch in the dark! In other words, I was happy with what I saw.

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After the peel, which took roughly 15 minutes in total (I know, it sounded longer), Ms Amira insisted that I (and anyone else who does the peel)should avoid sun exposure, stay away from excessive heat like sauna and the like, avoid any exfoliants and finally, apply a wide spectrum sun screen, as usual.

I’m supposed to go back and see Amira again for another session of the glycolic acid skin peel after 10 days (which I think are over). But if I don’t have a special event to attend, I think I will pass, and I’ll see her when I really need that radiance for something other than lounging around and looking pretty.


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