Hollywood Peel: Refreshing Skin Treatment with Carbon Laser Facial

Hollywood Peel: Skin Rejuvenation with Carbon Laser FacialI am always trying to find out about any new beauty skin treatment. This time I came across the Carbon laser facial aka Hollywood peel. Although it’s not that new in the market, it sort of caught my attention. So I decided to call up one of my trusted skin specialists and medical aesthetician Lola Ali Mohammad, to tell me all about this Hollywood peel.

Apparently, Carbon laser facial skin treatment has become one of the top go-to non-invasive skin treatments for celebrities. I think this is why it’s nicknamed the Hollywood peel. Lola also informs me that the carbon laser facial is another lunch-hour skin treatment. This means that you can walk in, have your Hollywood peel then get back to your business. “The fact that it’s a non-invasive and a pain free skin treatment that treats skin imperfections without any side-effects or downtime makes it quite popular.

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What is the Carbon Laser Facial Skin Treatment

Hollywood Peel: Skin Rejuvenation with Carbon Laser FacialAccording to Lola, this Hollywood Peel incorporates the use of laser on a medical carbon cream layer applied on the skin. And just to fill you in, the carbon cream is quite black in color, so now you understand my fascination.

“This carbon cream layer acts as a photo-enhancer, which vaporizes when it comes in contact with the laser. And while at it, the carbon takes with it a very thin layer of skin, leaving your skin glowing with a youthful complexion,” explains Lola.

At her clinic (Dubai Cosmetic Surgery), Lola says that she uses the Q-switched Laser. This she explains, is a state-of-the-art laser machine that delivers targeted high intensity pulses of light to the skin.

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How this Hollywood Peel Works

Hollywood Peel: Skin Rejuvenation with Carbon Laser FacialFor the Hollywood peel to do its magic, your skin has to be cleansed to clear it of any impurities. Then the black creamy stuff aka carbon is applied on the area. Basically your entire face is covered in a black smear, and then it is left for a few minutes to dry.

After the drying process, laser beams are shot onto the skin. I know it sounds all dangerous but you barely feel anything. The carbon absorbs these laser beams and micro explosions on the epidermal layer of the skin take place. Yes, you read me right, explosions, but they are necessary for the skin treatment to work.

At this point, you will feel a bit of warmth on your skin, without any pain. This warmth, Lola tells me, is the heat released by the carbon. And in turn it exfoliates the skin and cleans out the pores through skin resurfacing.

After the Hollywood peel skin treatment, you can head back to work as if nothing happened. Except a very clean and refreshed facial skin. Talk about the perfect lunch-hour procedure. But just to note, after the carbon laser facial skin treatment, you will need to use a wide spectrum sunscreen. I don’t think you’d want to have sunburn, or worse.

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Carbon laser facial treats a number of skin imperfections including:
  • Enlarged pores
  • Shine and oiliness (good for me)
  • Wrinkles and fine lines reduction
  • Acne and acne scarring
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Reduces oedema
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
After undergoing the Hollywood peel, you can expect:
  • Collagen stimulation leading to a more youthful skin
  • A more glowing complexion
  • Even skin tone
  • More smooth skin
Hollywood Peel: Skin Rejuvenation with Carbon Laser Facial
Lola Ali Muhammad – Medical Aesthetician

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The Carbon laser facial peel is suitable for all skin types, which means anyone can have it. In addition, it is not a girly girl skin treatment because men too have it en masse.  And for the Hollywood peel to have its desired effect on the skin, you need to have several sessions. They can range anywhere from three to six sessions depending on the severity of your skin’s imperfections and what you want to treat.


Photos Courtesy of DCS

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