What that Gel Nail Polish is Doing to Your Skin

Gel Nail Polish and What It Could be Doing to Your SkinWhenever I go for my mani-pedis, the nail tech is always asking if I want the ‘normal’ nail polish or the gel nail polish, and my answer is always gel. I prefer to keep my claws and paws looking good for at least 3 weeks. Anyway, this is a question that we are often asked such that we are used to it by now. And although the gel nail polish is chip-resistant (if done right) and lasts longer (about 3 weeks) than the ‘normal’ nail polish, it has some down sides and dermatologists are a little bit concerned.

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Downsides of Gel Nail Polish

  • The UV light used to dry the polish causes the skin on the fingers and hands to age and can potentially lead to the damage of the skin cells.
  • The removal process of the gel has some health issues. After soaking the nails in acetone for a minimum of 10 minutes to remove the polish, not all of it comes out. The remainder of the nail polish must either be chipped or filed off the nail. This causes the nail to thin, which leaves the nail brittle and weak.
  • Compared to the ‘normal’ nail polish, the gel is way more expensive as some nail technicians charge about 2-3 times more. It also costs extra money to remove it since it is advisable to remove it at the beauty parlor by a professional manicurist.
  • Applying the polish continuously 7-8 times in a row without giving the nails a break may lead to damaged nail beds.
  • Finally, dermatologists are concerned that the process of applying and removing the gel can camouflage underlying nail diseases.

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So, if you care about your nails, then you might want to make other plans other than gel nail polish. But if you are a tad bit obsessed like yours truly (I have a home UV set just in case I can’t get to the beauty house), then keep going until something better comes along.


Image: Pixabay

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