Caviar Facial Review: The Art of Smearing a Costly Delicacy on Your Face

Caviar Facial Treatment: The Art of Smearing a Costly Delicacy on Your FaceA week ago I had the great opportunity to try out a caviar facial treatment. I have always wondered what would make a person opt to have caviar smeared all over their face instead of relishing the delicacy as it was meant to be. So, armed with this thousand Dirham question, I headed into the treatment room where the lovely and ever-smiling laser and skincare expert – Amira Nassar – was waiting patiently to give me her world-class caviar facial treatment.

Hydrafacial Before Caviar Facial Treatment
Caviar Facial Treatment: The Art of Smearing a Costly Delicacy on Your Face
Amira Nassar – Laser & Skincare Specialist

Once seated (and after sampling one of her homemade Zaatar bread), she examined my skin to see what I had done to it since my last facial treatment (which I will talk about at a later date). Her conclusion was that I had some dead skin cells on my forehead (long story) which were giving it an unwanted tint. So before getting started on the caviar (which I was looking forward to), she said she’ll have to do a Hydrafacial first to clean out the dead cells. And within 20 minutes, the steaming, cleansing, sucking and hydrating of the Hydrafacial treatment was done, which left my skin feeling a bit ‘naked’.

To Consume or to Smear

Now it was time for what had brought me to the cosmetic surgery clinic – the caviar facial treatment. So there I was waiting for Ms. Amira to whip out this delicacy of kings, and then I would decide if it’s worth having on my face or my stomach! I didn’t care if it was beluga or sevruga; all I cared about was making that choice like a moneyed-up boss.

She asked if I was ready, and I told her that I was born ready. Waiting to see a heap of tiny shiny black eggs from some species of a sturgeon residing in whatever sea, I was surprised to see my good friend Amira holding a tiny vial (she called it an ampoule) containing some pinkish (or was it peachy) liquid inside. To my shock, that was the so-called caviar. She informed me that she doesn’t use the real caviar itself, but a caviar serum, which means the treatment is called a caviar-infused facial and not a caviar facial treatment! I sat there and watched my over-excitement lazily fly out the window. But hey, I don’t care what any of the naysayers think; I was still having some form of caviar on my face one way or the other. So, in not so many complicated words, I was still having a caviar facial.

Caviar Facial Treatment: The Art of Smearing a Costly Delicacy on Your Face

Infusions and Skin Micro-punctures

The next surprise was how this skincare expert ‘infused’ that caviar into the treatment. She told me she will be running a micro-needling pen all over my face, then applying the caviar serum into the little micro-wounds, which means she was directly infusing the caviar right into my skin (and not on my skin).

Before she started, I asked her if I need a topical numbing cream or something (I can be a chicken at times), but she said that I would barely feel anything. (I mean, we are talking about micro-punctures on your skin here. I don’t care how ‘micro’ they are, the fact remains they are still punctures.) But I trust Amira, so I told her to get started with the ‘puncturing’.

Caviar Facial Treatment: The Art of Smearing a Costly Delicacy on Your Face

Ice on Fire Feeling

The forehead bit went ok; a bit tingly but not painful. The cheeks were also fine (ish). But when she reached the nose area, I felt as if hell was freezing over. In my attempt to stay brave, I calmly told her to skip the nose and finish the other areas. I think my exact words were “I think the nose is fine, it doesn’t need any caviar”. But she ignored me and told me it will only take a minute (which felt like a decade). During this decade, her assistant was making fun of me, because unbeknown to myself, my eyes were flooded and overflowing (and I was wondering who was chopping onions in a medical treatment room).

Anyway, within 30 minutes, the whole ordeal, I mean treatment, was over and my face felt fresh as ever. I did not even feel the micro-needling on my chin or upper neck area (my mind was still on my poor tortured (ish) nose). The skin pores were also drastically minimized and the skin became totally smooth and radiant. In my head, I had this picture of Rudolf the deer (which I imagined I looked like), but that was far from the truth of the matter. Bottom line, the caviar facial treatment was a success and my forehead got a better color. And surprisingly enough, there was no after-soreness or skin sensitivity (so I must be just a wuss)!

Caviar Facial Treatment: The Art of Smearing a Costly Delicacy on Your Face

Caviar Facial Disclaimer

Just to note, to my knowledge, no sturgeon species were harmed during the administration of the caviar facial treatment. Also, the waterworks that happened when Amira was micro-puncturing my nose was just an exaggeration (I wish), and in fact, the treatment is completely and utterly painless (depends on what kind of games you are into), if done by a licensed and experienced pro like Amira. Oh, and it costs only AED 850 (which should tell you a thing or two about the so-called caviar).

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