Caviar Facial Review: The Art of Smearing a Costly Delicacy on Your Face

Caviar Facial Treatment: The Art of Smearing a Costly Delicacy on Your FaceA week ago I had the great opportunity to try out a caviar facial treatment. I have always wondered what would make a person opt to have caviar smeared all over their face instead of relishing the delicacy as it was meant to be. So, armed with this thousand Dirham question, I headed into the treatment room where the lovely and ever-smiling laser and skincare expert – Amira Nassar – was waiting patiently to give me her world-class caviar facial treatment.

Review: Glycolic Acid Skin Peel 50%

Review: Glycolic Acid Skin Peel 50%I decided to do a quick pick-me-up for my skin, and this time around I chose the glycolic acid skin peel 50%, aka milk peel. I wanted to go for something easy with immediate results, and one that would not have any downtime. So after a short consultation with Ms. Amira Nassar, IPL Laser and Skin Care Specialist at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic, she suggested I go for the glycolic acid skin peel; not 10% or 20% strong but a whole 50%. I was not worried though because a couple of days earlier I had seen a colleague who did the same skin peel and boy, was she glowing!

Review: LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil

LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil For a Slim and Relaxed BodyThree weeks ago, I received the new LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil to do a tried & tested, which I did to see if does what it says… you know slim and relax you at the same time. I consider myself slim, but like most people, I have some stubborn fats somewhere around my thighs that I wanted to attack with this shaping dry oil. And so my journey with LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil begun.

Non-surgical Double-chin Reduction Treatment

So my partner in crime decided to try out this non-surgical chin reduction treatment; which turned out quite ok. We had it done at our trusted cosmetic clinic aka Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic, by Dr Rory, and to my shock; she did not scream as I had expected. Basically this is a non-invasive treatment that uses the injection of sterile cytolytic solution – going by the brand name Supreall – to dissolve and eliminate the appearance of unwanted subcutaneous (localized) fat deposits. She was a bit sore after the treatment, but all’s well now, and we are looking forward to the results.

Review: Why Hydrafacial Treatment is the Perfect Pick-me-up for Tired Skin

I’ve heard about it, I’ve seen it in action but I have never got the time to experience it until now. I’m talking about finally reviewing the real Hydrafacial treatment at Dubai Laser Skincare clinic and finding out why it’s just the perfect pick-me-up for tired skin like mine. I’m calling it the “real” Hydrafacial treatment because a couple of months ago I had a “lite” version where I’m really not sure what happened; because I didn’t end up with radiant skin.

I Tried Qafé Green Coffee for Weight Loss and Here are My Results

I Tried Qafé Green Coffee for Weight Loss and Here are My ResultsI came across Qafé green coffee, a special kind of drink which promises to increase the efficiency of your weight loss efforts and results. Although I don’t think I needed to lose any weight, I decided to go for it out of curiosity. And since I did not want to experiment on this alone, I convinced a friend who keeps talking about how she needs to lose weight from her behind and waist to join in.

Going Organic with Organic Dermal Fillers

Organic Dermal Fillers dubaiWith almost everything having an organic version, it’s no surprise that there are now organic dermal fillers. I came across them during my laser hair removal session at my currently favorite cosmetics clinic in Dubai.

Last time I wrote about dermal fillers, I was telling you all about them and how they work. Lucky for me, I managed to track down Dr Juan Tadeo Krogulec, a specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who agreed to share with me information on these organic dermal fillers.