Skin Care Tips

Reasons Why You Should Include a Facial Toner in Your Skincare Routine

Facial Toner Benefits for Your Skin Beauty and Skincare RoutineEvery time I visit my medical aesthetician for some skin magic, she always uses a facial toner, regardless how simple the treatment is. So, on my last visit, I had to ask her why she includes the toner all the time (not that I mind), and this brought me to this post where I’ll be letting you in on facial toner benefits. After all, there are new skin products coming up every other day promising heaven on earth for your skincare routine but most of them hardly live up to their said expectations (depending on your skin type). But a facial toner is the one skincare product that hardly disappoints as long as you pick the right one for your skin type.

5 Antiaging Tips for a Youthful Glow

Antiaging Tips for a Youthful Glowing Skin with Bio OilCan we really slow down time and how it affects our looks? Well, while we cannot stop the clock, we can definitely delay its effects on the aging process, as well as acquire a youthful glowing skin while at it. And although there are a bunch of antiaging tips that you can follow, the nice folks from Bio-Oil (one of our favorite skincare oils) have agreed to share with us their top antiaging tips for a youthful glowing skin.  

Beauty Benefits of Caviar for Your Skin

Caviar Beauty Benefits for the Skin with Caviar-infused Facial TreatmentsCaviar might be a delicacy associated with all things luxury but for a while now, it has been one of the most sought-after skin care and antiaging go-to trends. This is why I sought out Amira Nassar, a laser and skincare therapist based in Dubai, to shed a couple of lights on the so-called caviar beauty benefits for the skin, which she uses in some of her signature caviar-infused facial treatments.

5 Skin Moisturizing Tips for a Well-Rejuvenated Skin

5 Skin Moisturizing Tips for a Well-Rejuvenated SkinHydration is the key to keeping your skin at its best. And applying moisturizers seems quite simple and straightforward, right? Well, not according to the folks at Jergens, one of the leading skincare brand brands in the world. This is because there are some little-known tips you need to follow if you want your skin in tip-top shape. And these lovely Jergens folks have agreed to share with us some skin moisturizing tips you might not know about when it comes to moisturizing.

5 Ways Your Skin Benefits from Vitamin C Intake

Vitamin C Benefits for skin beautyA couple of weeks ago I upped my Vitamin C intake for many reasons, one of which being the fact that with every facial treatment I have, the aesthetician always applies a Vitamin C mask. So, I thought to myself why not make it work for me from the inside out? And this decision took me down the rabbit hole because I started researching and bothering my skin care therapist about the Vitamin C benefits for the skin. And now, here I am.