Valentine’s Day Ideas – Dining in Abu Dhabi

Valentine’s Day Ideas – Dining in Abu DhabiI know most of you are looking forward to creating a memorable experience on Valentine’s Day (that’s if you celebrate the day). Whether it is the perfect spot to pop the big question or a special dinner to commemorate the day with your loved one, we have compiled some special Valentine’s Day ideas that will definitely blow your mind, if you are living on this side of the Sahara.

Could this Bistro Have the Best German Bread on this Side of the Rhine?

Brothaus Bakery-Bistro: Best German Bread on this Side of the RhineIt’s true that the love story between the Germans and their bread reaches far back in history. Other than beer, punctuality, and organization, there are not many other things that are considered to be quite so quintessentially German. Bread is so woven into the fabric of their culture (or so I hear), to the point where you’ll find twice the number of bakeries as there are pharmacies (or maybe they just don’t get sick that often). Honouring this proud German legacy, bakers across Germany have made it their life’s work to create the perfect recipe for the best German bread. And on this side of the Rhine, there might be one bakery that gets it right; the Brothaus bakery-bistro located at Steigenberger Hotel in Business Bay. 

Dining News Roundup to Keep You and Your Palate Busy

Dining Spots Around Dubai that Will Keep You and Your Palate BusyWith hundreds of dining spots around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, sometimes it can be easy to be spoilt for choice. Be it for brunch, date night or a simple coffee, I’ve rounded up a few dining spots around Dubai that have something new to show this January, and which you might just want to try out. From new restaurants, new menu additions (healthy or otherwise) and everything in between, your palate will surely thank you.

A Dinner Affair Filled with Delicious Food, Song, and Dance

Jebel Ali Recreation Club: A Dinner Affair Filled with Delicious Food, Wine and SongIf you live in Dubai, you probably know or have heard that Jebel Ali Recreation Club, one of Dubai’s oldest and most popular leisure venues, just re-opened with a fancier look and even fancier restaurants. And as part of that grand re-opening, we were invited to tag along and see what the renewed facilities had to offer; which simply translates to food, wine, and song (or dance).

Easy Guide to Creating Healthy and Indulgent Dishes in 2018

Beau-Rivage Geneva: Guide to Creating Healthy and Indulgent DishesA new year gives most of us another chance to get it right (though a little older and wiser), and marks a new beginning for others, like starting a better lifestyle and following a healthier route. And where the world is moving towards a new order of people having a healthy and balanced routine, most look to the Swiss (I thought Mediterranean, but let’s stick with the Swiss for now) for their healthy retreats and quality of life approach, not to mention their tantalizing food offerings. With 2018 just around the corner, I had Chef Dominique Gauthier, of the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Chat Botté at Beau-Rivage Geneva, share with us his tips on how to be mindful with food, yet creating indulgent and healthy dishes in the kitchen.

Restaurant Review: A Regal Breakfast at Günaydin Dubai

Günaydin Dubai: A Breakfast of Kings Awaits Every WeekendA couple of weeks ago, a close friend woke me up quite early on a Friday (which is the first day of the weekend here) to accompany her for some sort of shopping about 3 emirates away. On our drive back to Dubai after our ‘unusual’ shopping experience, I remembered that I had received a breakfast invite at Günaydin Dubai, a special Turkish steakhouse. So I directed my good friend to the place and after locating the eatery, we were fast seated and ready to be served.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About That Cup of Coffee

Drop Coffee: 5 Things You Should Know About that Cup of CoffeeThe beauty of Coffee… loved by billions around the world. Maybe it’s the taste, aroma or just that kick of caffeine. As for me, I’m really not a fan, but I know someone who can go through 20 cups of the beverage in a single day. Now that’s what I call addiction. From its potential discovery by the legendary Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, to being celebrated internationally in October, coffee has grown to become a ritualistic lifestyle for many. But have you ever wondered if there was more to that delicious cup of joe you drank this morning? Lucky for you, the cool guys from Dubai’s newest specialty coffee offering, Drop Coffee, just agreed to share with us the marvels of coffee! Now you can rejoice while sipping on your favorite blend.