Dessert Goals: Kris Kros Lotus Cheesecake Recipe

Lotus Cheesecake Recipe that will Leave you Craving for MoreDessert. Who doesn’t love dessert? Sometimes you go out for a meal and the only thing you look forward to is the dessert. This time, after a long time, I’m sharing with you a recipe, not just any recipe but dessert goals aka the one and only Lotus cheesecake recipe! I don’t know how many of you have been to Kris Kros restaurant in Dubai, but they have a yummy cheesecake that is almost above the rest.

Tips on How to Cook the Perfect Paella

Top Tips on How to Cook the Perfect Paella Dish in DubaiWe all have that one dish which we wish we could make perfectly. Mine is Paella, and my wish is to know how to make the perfect Paella dish. I have been to restaurants in different countries, and it seemed they all had their own way of making this traditionally Spanish dish. So I think my wish has just come true; just in time for Valentine’s Day, because a true Paella master has come to the rescue. His name is Ruben Guerrero, and he is a Paella master chef at El Sur Dubai (a Spanish restaurant located in the Westin Mina Seyahi). He is sharing tips on how to cook the perfect Paella dish.

Tempting and Tasty Recipes Fit for the Weekend

Rüya Dubai Brings you Tasty Recipes Fit for the WeekendMost of the times I prefer simple tasty recipes, but at other times I go all out and try making that tough-to-pronounce dish. After all, it would never hurt to try something new, especially when you have time on your hands and Rüya Dubai just around the corner in case you can’t hack any of the tasty recipes. And nothing calls for this occasion than the weekend. By the way, our weekends here in the Emirates fall on Friday and Saturday (so stop wondering).

Amazing Bruschetta Recipe with Isle of Wight Tomatoes

Enjoy this amazing bruschetta recipe that includes the delicious Isle of Wight Tomatoes. You can enjoy it for a brunch with family and friends. RELATED: Easy and simple kale Caesar salad recipe Video courtesy of [contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

Jalapeno Peppers: Add a Healthy Kick to Your Recipes

atkins-jalapeno-peppers2I love my food with a bit of a spicy kick, and the only place I get the no-so-hot and not-too-mild a punch is from the beloved jalapeno peppers. Although small in size, jalapeno peppers pack a nutritional clout, and some vitamins to boot.

The only food I find it more convenient to include jalapeno peppers in all their entirety is in a sandwich. I always pack them on like the next hour of my life depended on it. So with the sandwich thing starting to get boring, I decided to dig for more information on the same to help me find new ways of chomping on the peppers. And before I could get started, the New Atkins Lifestyle Nutritionist known as Linda O’Byrne, was on hand with everything I needed on a silver platter.