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10 Reasons to Visit Montenegro this Winter

Visit Montenegro porto montenegro On our side of the Sahara, we are already savoring winter. That cool breeze that comes as the mercury dips is our winter and we love it! But in as much as some of you have been looking forward to this winter, others prefer a whiter winter, hence their need to travel to someplace pretty cold, like say, Montenegro. Have you been there? No? Neither have I; but I have put together (not many), just 10 reasons why you should visit Montenegro aka the ‘Black Mountain’ through Porto Montenegro.

Escape to an Untouched Tropical Island Oasis at Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort

Anantara Medjumbe Island ResortNestled on the Quirimbas Archipelago off the northern coast of Mozambique lies Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort untouched and tucked away. This African island hideaway measures just one kilometer long and 300 meters wide. Innately intimate, the paradise island boasts lush vegetation, which frames the softest of white powdery sands and azure waves that blend seamlessly into the horizon.

Eid Staycation Deals Around UAE

Eid Staycation Deals Around UAEEid Al Adha is just around the corner, and as we all know, we have to make use of those free days the UAE style. We want to take a breather, but not too far off from home, which means, the three Eid days* give us the perfect opportunity to relax at a place that’s home away from home, but still close by. And while you are taking your short breather, I can imagine you wouldn’t want to dig too deep into your pockets. This is why I’m bringing you some great Eid staycation deals straight from Hotels.com, that will allow you to enjoy your short break without worrying about that dent in your bank account.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo: A Millennia of History at the Centre of Lake Como

Grand Hotel Tremezzo: A Millennia of History at the Centre of Lake ComoGrand Hotel Tremezzo, which opened its doors back in 1910, has always attracted some known artists and writers while inspiring many with its rich history and charming nature. To date, this special property has become a must-stop destination for the international traveling elite (or anyone who can afford a stay). With more than 73 museums, 11 medieval castles and lots of legendary villas spread around Lake Como, I doubt one visit will be enough to discover all the gems around Grand Hotel Tremezzo.