Sparkling Festive Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Christmas Jewelry Gift Ideas for Him and Her that Won’t DisappointIt’s beginning to feel a lot festive, which means Christmas is just around the corner. This also means it’s time to start whittling down on the fear-inducing (not really) gift list, or at least start thinking about what to get for those you care about. If you are already panicking, you should stop because jewelry seems to always carry a bit (a lot) of magic, if presented as a gift (no one I know ever refused a sparkly gift). That’s why, with the help of La Marquise, I have laid out some sparkly Christmas jewelry gift ideas that will have him or her all smiles come Christmas morning (or night). 

Which Rock Type Are You?

Engagement Rings Styles: Latest Trends by La Marquise Jewelry Love is (always) in the air this wedding season, and although love trumps all, it is time we talked about one of the favorite wedding topics… the beauty of the bling! Some people put a lot of thought into the style of the engagement rings as well as the cut and metal. Lucky for you (if you are dropping any hints), you don’t have to look too far because the engagement collection by La Marquise Jewelry covers all spectrums of wedding and engagement rings styles, with some top quality diamond cuts and designs.

LaLaQueen: The Sustainable Love Child of Sally Sarieddine

LalaQueen Handbags: The Sustainable Love Child of Sally SarieddineLalaQueen, which is a contemporary Middle Eastern handbag label based in Beirut, and designed for travelers, explorers, and boundary breakers, has come to be known as timeless, versatile and full of surprises. The LalaQueen handbags label is the love child (or simply baby), of bubbly Sally Sarieddine, a Lebanese-born, UAE-raised, British-educated fashion designer, and businesswoman. Sally’s passion for bringing fashion back to individual authenticity and self-expression is purely overwhelming.

Look Great on the Beach With this Moda Operandi Approach

Summer Beachwear Guide to Looking Great on the BeachSummer is finally here and most of us are feeling the pressure. Are we still into the maillot and does it even look good on me? Am I carrying the right bag? Where do we stand on beach jewelry? Have I worked out enough (you bet I have)? Should I self-tan before or is that tacky? It’s almost enough to make you stay at home in the air conditioning watching endless reruns of House of Cards. Luckily, the lovely folks at Moda Operandi are way ahead of you and have put together a comprehensive guide to the most amazing summer beachwear; almost as good as you look.

The Season’s Must-have Jewelry Trends

Summer Jewelry Trends by La Marquise JewelleryIs it summer yet? I guess so because at the moment the sun is scorching in Dubai. And if you are looking to celebrate summer with the most picture-perfect accessories, we just know where you can find them. La Marquise Jewellery have stepped up their game with this year’s summer jewelry trends and the pieces seem just about perfect to complete your wardrobe. After all, it’s all supposed to be in the details.