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Why You Should Drink Lemon Water First Thing in the Morning

Lemon Water BenefitsA lot of folks including celebrities (and yours truly) drink lemon water first thing in the morning. I know you have heard this maybe hundreds of times, but still, it would never hurt to hear about it one more time. This is because lemon water benefits are countless, and if you develop this routine and a love for lemon water, sooner or later you’ll be reaping these benefits just like I do.

6 Foods you Should be Eating for Healthy Hair Growth

hair growth foodsI guess I’m right when I say that nobody wants thinning brittle hair or worse, losing your precious hair. Apart from hair loss treatments, hair growth conditioners and shampoos, and supplements, eating right would be the next best thing to kick hair loss to the curb and grow a healthy mane. Your everyday diet plays a big role in the health of your hair, and there are some amazing hair growth foods you should include in your diet if you want that luscious head of hair.

Summer Glow: Boost Your Beauty with these Summer Cooler Drinks

Summer Glow: Boost Your Beauty with these Summer Cooler DrinksIn most instances, your skin health can tell a lot about what you eat. So I’ll be right to echo the saying that beauty comes from within; meaning you are what you eat. That said, a very health-conscious Chef – Chris Kinsley – at Flow Dubai has created a range of refreshing summer cooler drinks to help you and I achieve a healthy summer glow, of course, in addition to cooling off.

8 Fiber-Rich Foods You Should Consider Adding to Your Menu

Fiber-Rich Foods You Should Consider Adding to Your MenuEating fiber-rich foods, instead of fiber-added foods, is a great and natural way to increase your fiber intake, not to mention making you “regular”; and we all love that don’t we? The average person, according to one nutrition study somewhere, should get at least 15 grams of fiber in a day. On the other hand, nutritionists recommend 25 grams for women and 35-40 grams of fiber for men per day.

5 Reasons to Love Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco Sauce Benefits to Your Body and MealsI knew sooner or later I’d have to have a post about good old Tabasco sauce benefits. You see, lately, I have found myself obsessed with this spicy and tangy sauce. I have a bottle in my kitchen, another one at my mother’s and in my office cabinet. And whenever I decide to eat out, I have to make sure the restaurant in question has Tabasco sauce. Hell, I even drizzle Tabasco sauce on my mid-morning snack of boiled eggs! Now if that is not an obsession, I don’t know what is.

Healthy Eating Habits to Follow While Fasting

Healthy Eating Habits to Follow During RamadanWe are already a few days into Ramadan, and while the holy month is filled with goodness, it falls close to the peak of summer this year. With the heat and all, it is important we maintain our energy levels and avoid the unhealthy food temptations that come with the month. And we can do this by following some simple but healthy eating habits.

Healthy Juicing at Sophie’s Café in Dubai

Healthy Juicing at Sophie’s Café Dubai for a Daily Pick-Me-UpFebruary is almost over and there’re those of you who are yet to get started on those 2017 goals (sorry for the reminder). But you know what? If you haven’t had a healthy start to the year yet, don’t fret because you still have 9 more months to go (December doesn’t count). And that’s enough time to still jump on that health wagon. And to motivate you a little bit, today I’m posting about healthy juicing and of course Sophie’s Café Dubai, one of the few places around where you can find healthy juices if you are too tired to juice yourself. Their range of nutritious fresh juices will get you started on that goal in no time.