Become the Perfect Party Host … and Guest, this Party Season

Perfect Party Host with these Tips from the Tasting ClassThe onset of November confirms the party season in Dubai is in full swing. And with most of our diaries fit to bursting with events and parties, regardless if you are hosting, or attending, you have to play the part really well. But if you have doubts on how to be the perfect party host or guest, worry not because internationally-trained sommelier, Lindsay Trivers, who is also the founder of The Tasting Class in Dubai is on hand to offer a few insider tips on eating and drinking your way through a fantastic festive season.

Interview: Makeup Aficionado Daliea Samarraie 

Interview: Makeup artist Daliea Samarraie This post has been in the making for quite some time. Those close to me know that I’m not all that when it comes to makeup. A little foundation and plum lip stain will take me a long way (not unless I have a photo shoot; that’s when the makeup artist goes all in). A few days ago (more like a couple of weeks), I bumped into a very lovely lady online (code name: Makeup By Daliea) and she intrigued me to the point of writing a short piece on her. And here we are.

Common Cellulite Myths and Misconceptions Busted

Cellulite Myths and Misconceptions Busted & How Orange Peel Skin is a Way of LifeCellulite is one of those things that most us wish we didn’t have. I don’t know about you but I have come to sort of accept my orange peel skin thighs, and I tend to ignore them as much as I can. One thing I have realized is that whenever the C-talk starts, some people get shocked when I say I actually have some. Reason? They say I’m a bit slim to have cellulite! And this is one of the reasons I have decided to bust some of these cellulite myths.

5 Reasons to Start Pole Dancing for Fitness

Rania Gamal Pole Dancing 2Dubai-based fitness guru, model, brand ambassador and TV presenter Rania Gamal lists down the top reasons on why you should consider pole dancing as a sport to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

“Gone are the days when people associated pole dancing with night clubs and bars. Now it is considered as one of the best sports in town to burn more calories, lose weight, keep your body strength and of course for a perfect girl bonding,” says Rania.

And here are Rania’s reasons on why you should dry up, remove your excess oil and jump into the bandwagon of fit and fab women. We are sure you will also love to show the world your stamina, strength and stability on the pole.

Beauty Trends: Men and Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for menWhen it comes to finding beauty, it is not only a women’s domain; men are also claiming their place on the aesthetic table or chair, and they are not shy about it. And this includes cosmetic surgery for men.

The other day I went for my usual laser hair removal in one of the leading cosmetic and skincare treatment clinics in Dubai. I was surprised to find just as many men as there were women, waiting for their turn on an array of beauty treatments and procedures.

Therapeutic Beauty of Laughter

Laughter 1Laughter is the best medicine, or so they said. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we are laughing so hard, tears start flowing and your ribs hurt. That my friends, is the beauty of laughter, and it is very good for your health and well-being. Not to mention it adds more beauty to your entire being.