Spoil Yourself this Valentine’s with Some Fierce Jewelry Pieces

Aurate New York Fierce jewelryYeah yeah yeah, it’s that time again, and I can already feel some of you rolling your eyes muttering ‘cupid is stupid’, while the rest of you get excited. Yes, Valentine’s Day! It’s the one day (or week, even month), most of us love to hate, but we just can’t. And while a big chunk of you will be receiving a gift or two from their dear ones, it would not hurt to pamper yourself with a gift that resonates with your inner self; something in the lines of fine jewelry. And since we’re all about making things easier for you, we’re sharing some fierce jewelry pieces from AUrate New York’s new collection (out of the box kind of thing), which we are sure you will love. After all, it’s not always about what you wear, but how you wear it (or so they say).

Which Rock Type Are You?

Engagement Rings Styles: Latest Trends by La Marquise Jewelry Love is (always) in the air this wedding season, and although love trumps all, it is time we talked about one of the favorite wedding topics… the beauty of the bling! Some people put a lot of thought into the style of the engagement rings as well as the cut and metal. Lucky for you (if you are dropping any hints), you don’t have to look too far because the engagement collection by La Marquise Jewelry covers all spectrums of wedding and engagement rings styles, with some top quality diamond cuts and designs.

Spotlight: Mido’s Baroncelli Prisma

Baroncelli Prisma -  A sparkling Play of Prisms Enhanced by 51 DiamondsIn today’s spotlight post I’m focusing on the new addition to watchmaker Mido’s flagship collection, the Baroncelli Prisma, which happens to be the epitome of femininity. The center of the round-grained silver dial reveals a creation of 25 pieces of white mother-of-pearl, which they say, have been applied individually by hand (talk about personal touch). And to make it more enchanting, this extraordinary play of prisms is enhanced by sparkly 51 diamonds that trace its outline. Beneath these delicate aesthetic details, the Baroncelli Prisma also houses a latest-generation automatic movement: the Calibre 80, which provides up to 80 hours of power reserve.

DO YOU Campaign: PUMA Continues to Inspire Confidence

Do You Campaign: PUMA Continues to Inspire ConfidenceSo in today’s post I’ll move a little bit away from my beaten path and touch a little bit on fashion (not that I haven’t done that before). This is because I just happen to like PUMA and how they are keeping the flame alive and continuing to inspire confidence in women everywhere. They are currently doing this with the DO YOU campaign for Spring-Summer ’17, and have none other than Cara Delevingne showing off her own take on the latest Basket and Suede heart styles.

It Was All About Fashion For Real People at the Max 2017 Spring Collection Show

It Was All About Fashion For Real People at Max 2017 Spring Collection ShowWhen I was getting invited for the Max 2017 Spring Collection fashion show, I was told it’s going to be a unique event. Why? Because this time round, it was fashion for real people; meaning people like you and I (still not sure if I’m a real person) working that runway. Fashion for real people in this context meant that moms, daughters, sons, fathers and more relatives were taking part in the Max 2017 spring collection show. The whole soirée was made up of the normal Jane & Fatima, and Abdul & Vishal, instead of professional models or super models.

Savoring the Beauty and Bold Styles of African Fashion at Global Village

Savoring the Beauty and Bold Style of African Fashion at Global Village DubaiGlobal Village Dubai is the one place that brings a multitude of cultures under one roof. Out of the 30 pavilions representing 75+ countries, the beautiful and exotic colors of African fashion stand out. This is not new to some us. For a while now, fashion trends emerging from Africa have been rapidly becoming a global phenomenon. And if you’re a lover of fashion and exotic themes, there is no better for you to experience all these vibrant blends of traditional and contemporary creations than at Global Village Dubai.

BEDOUIN SS17 Collection – the Urban Nomad

BEDOUIN SS17 Collection - the Urban NomadIn the BEDOUIN SS17 collection – the Urban Nomad, designer Andraya Farrag draws inspiration from the Moroccan and nomadic Berbers with her own contemporary minimalist twist.

The Urban Nomad is depicted in the use of rich fabrics like jacquards inspired by Berber rugs and delicate silks with a subtle metallic sheen. This plays well into the BEDOUIN SS17 collection luxurious yet easy-to-wear design.