Is Liposuction a Shortcut to Weight Loss?

Liposculpture Procedure and Weight Loss: How You Can Use One to Achieve the Other Most people looking for a weight loss solution always wonder if a liposculpture procedure is a magic bullet that could propel them to their goal weight. Since I’m always coming across this question, I decided to have a chat with Dr. Luis M. Ayala, a Dubai-based plastic surgeon and a liposculpture procedure expert to see if he can shed some light on the connection between liposculpture and weight loss.

How the Shape of Your Face Can Play a Role When it Comes to Aging

Face Shape and Age: How the Shape of Your Face Contributes to AgingWhen the aging process kicks in, the first place it starts showing is on the face, from wrinkles and fine lines to loss of volume. Different areas of the face can age differently which can most likely be attributed to the shape of your face. I caught up with Dr. Rory McGoldrick, a Dubai-based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who shed more light on how your face shape ages and what you can possibly do to delay or reverse the process.

Is Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation a Miracle Cure for Aging?

Stem Cell Facelift: Non-surgical Facelift that Turns Back TimeStem Cell Facelift has been around for quite some time now, but there are people who’ve always wondered about the magic behind it. After receiving a few queries about this non-surgical facelift procedure, I decided to have a chat with Dr Martain Pierre Jean Loonen, a Board Certified plastic surgeon and expert in Stem Cell facelift based in Abu Dhabi, on what this delicate procedure entails.

A Sip of this Gold Elixir Can Fight Signs of Aging

Gold Collagen – New Generation Anti-aging Collagen DrinksIt’s a given that although we cannot stop the aging process, we can at least delay the signs including fine lines and wrinkles. Currently, most of us (myself included) are obsessed with topical and minimally invasive anti-aging skin care treatments and products; but recently beauty shots aka anti-aging collagen drinks have become the holy grail of delaying the signs of aging. I have posted about these anti-aging collagen drinks in the past, and I’ll keep on bringing you more as I stumble upon them, to help you decide which one to go for if any, like the Gold Collagen by Minerva Research Labs.

Non-surgical Double-chin Reduction Treatment

So my partner in crime decided to try out this non-surgical chin reduction treatment; which turned out quite ok. We had it done at our trusted cosmetic clinic aka Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic, by Dr Rory, and to my shock; she did not scream as I had expected. Basically this is a non-invasive treatment that uses the injection of sterile cytolytic solution – going by the brand name Supreall – to dissolve and eliminate the appearance of unwanted subcutaneous (localized) fat deposits. She was a bit sore after the treatment, but all’s well now, and we are looking forward to the results.

Could Botox be an Answer to Treating Hyperhidrosis Aka Excessive Sweating?

Botox for Treating Hyperhidrosis Aka Excessive SweatingThe other day, another one of my many “acquaintances” decided to get a couple of Botox jabs for some frown lines and crow’s feet that were starting to bother her. And as she was chatting away with the plastic surgeon about Botox, she asked him if it’s true that it can be used to treat excessive sweating AKA hyperhidrosis. And the answer was yes; which gave me an idea for my next post.