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The Psychology Behind Cosmetic Procedures

Aesthetic Benefits of Cosmetic Procedures and the Psychology Behind ItCosmetic procedures are not uncommon anymore. Since they serve an aesthetic purpose, the psychological one is thus often overshadowed. People choose cosmetic procedures for various reasons. Some want to correct a birth defect, scarring or wounds caused by an illness. But then there are others who want to feel beautiful and enhance their features. However, the growing popularity of these types of medical practices often casts a shadow on the aesthetic benefits of cosmetic procedures, as well as the psychological state of the patients undertaking them – writer Victoria Lim digs deeper.

Can a Naturally Sad-looking Face be ‘Made’ Happier?

Naturally Sad-looking Face: Possible Causes and Cosmetic TreatmentsSome people have a naturally sad-looking face, which they can’t help, (I know one such person). For this person, most people who don’t know her think she is always sad and miserable or is incapable of showing any kinds of emotions, or she simply doesn’t care; but that’s a story for another day (resting b. face anyone?). On the other hand, there are folks who have developed a naturally sad-looking face over time for one reason or another. So in my search for answers, I caught up with my regular go-to expert in faces and all that – Dr. Rory McGoldrick a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who shed some answers on what causes a naturally sad-looking face, and what could be done about it.

Is Liposuction a Shortcut to Weight Loss?

Liposculpture Procedure and Weight Loss: How You Can Use One to Achieve the Other Most people looking for a weight loss solution always wonder if a liposculpture procedure is a magic bullet that could propel them to their goal weight. Since I’m always coming across this question, I decided to have a chat with Dr. Luis M. Ayala, a Dubai-based plastic surgeon and a liposculpture procedure expert to see if he can shed some light on the connection between liposculpture and weight loss.

How the Shape of Your Face Can Play a Role When it Comes to Aging

Face Shape and Age: How the Shape of Your Face Contributes to AgingWhen the aging process kicks in, the first place it starts showing is on the face, from wrinkles and fine lines to loss of volume. Different areas of the face can age differently which can most likely be attributed to the shape of your face. I caught up with Dr. Rory McGoldrick, a Dubai-based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who shed more light on how your face shape ages and what you can possibly do to delay or reverse the process.

Is Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation a Miracle Cure for Aging?

Stem Cell Facelift: Non-surgical Facelift that Turns Back TimeStem Cell Facelift has been around for quite some time now, but there are people who’ve always wondered about the magic behind it. After receiving a few queries about this non-surgical facelift procedure, I decided to have a chat with Dr Martain Pierre Jean Loonen, a Board Certified plastic surgeon and expert in Stem Cell facelift based in Abu Dhabi, on what this delicate procedure entails.

Abdominal Etching: Getting a Six-pack in a Day!

Abdominal Etching procedure 3Well, we all know that it is next to impossible to get a six-pack in under a day. But with an abdominal etching procedure, which is a cosmetic procedure, you can have your six-pack. Those of us who have chiseled abs (yes me included) have really worked hard and sweated for them. and still continue doing so just in case the pretty abs feel neglected and disappear somewhere within the tummy.

But somewhere in the plastic and cosmetic surgery world, abdominal etching procedure gives you a solid six-pack (minus the Adonis belt or so I think). The other thing a plastic surgeon can do while at it, is sculpt the abs so well, to make them more prominent. Hula hooping, if done well can also sculpt your core, in addition to many other benefits.

Hair Transplant as a Hair Loss Solution

Hair Transplant 3Hair Transplant is not a very new technique in the cosmetics industry. On the other hand, it seems to have become quite popular in the last couple of years. Hair transplant procedures are used as a form of hair loss treatment, which give good results.

Hair loss on the other hand is not a pretty thing to go through. It affects both men and women. But women always seem to be more emotionally affected by the loss of their crowning glory more than men. Actually, hair loss has become quite prevalent. Recent surveys show that at least 2 out of 3 men, and 1 in every 5 women in the UAE suffers from hair loss; permanent or otherwise.

With these statistics, it is always important to get to the root cause of what is causing your hair loss and act on it. Sometimes hair loss can be permanent. Other times it can be just a signal from your body telling you that something is wrong somewhere and that you should fix it ASAP. If this has happened to you, then you understand the relief one feels when some bald patches on your scalp start filling with hair.

The Non-surgical 8 Point Facelift is in Vogue

non-surgical 8-point filler faceliftIt’s a guarantee that some of us would never go under the knife to enhance our beauty. That said, I was a little bit impressed when I came across this new anti-aging facial rejuvenation treatment, known as the 8-point filler facelift that lifts your face without any surgery. As usual, I contacted one of my trusted plastic surgeons, who is very hands-on with the procedure, to explain what the treatment is all about, and what one would expect afterwards.