5 Handy Weight Loss Tips From the Experts

weight loss tipsUAE might be the only place where when the mercury dips the swimsuits come out and pools and beaches become flooded. After the endless scorching summer months and hours spent inside malls, snacking at the cinemas and binge-watching TV series, it is safe to say most of us have noticed that a couple of our clothes have become a little tight along the edges. But worry not because the weight loss expert from Kcal Extra is here to share some weight loss tips which will get you back in shape in no time.

Sneaking These Foods into Your Diet Might Just Melt that Belly Fat Away

burn belly fatSometimes we have that stubborn belly pouch that just refuses to go away regardless what you do. Yes, you can opt for liposuction or liposculpture to get rid of the fat cells for good but there are people who’d rather take the longer route. The best news is that there are certain foods that can easily help you burn belly fat if incorporated into your diet. I (with the help of a certain nutritionist) have put together a list of some easily available superfoods that can burn belly fat better than others.

Why You Should Drink Lemon Water First Thing in the Morning

Lemon Water BenefitsA lot of folks including celebrities (and yours truly) drink lemon water first thing in the morning. I know you have heard this maybe hundreds of times, but still, it would never hurt to hear about it one more time. This is because lemon water benefits are countless, and if you develop this routine and a love for lemon water, sooner or later you’ll be reaping these benefits just like I do.

Quick and Easy Tips to Achieve Toned Legs

Toned Sexy Legs: Quick and Easy Tips to Achieve Strong LegsIt’s officially the season for rocking those rompers, ripped denims, cute little dresses, and basically, anything that will show off your beloved toned sexy legs. But what is sexy when it comes to legs? Well, I’m the least qualified to answer that question, but I would assume it’s something that goes with slender, smooth, toned or firm (your choice). Anyway, as I continue to find out what can be termed as sexy, Dr. Sami Jaber, aesthetics specialist, and spokesperson of LPG ME is kind enough share with you a few tips on how on how you can achieve strong, toned sexy legs (strong being the key word).

Review: LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil

LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil For a Slim and Relaxed BodyThree weeks ago, I received the new LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil to do a tried & tested, which I did to see if does what it says… you know slim and relax you at the same time. I consider myself slim, but like most people, I have some stubborn fats somewhere around my thighs that I wanted to attack with this shaping dry oil. And so my journey with LPG Relaxing Shaping Dry Oil begun.

Spotlight on the 7-Day Home-based Alkaline Diet

Home-Based Alkaline Diet for Health, Vitality and LongevityI might sound a bit ignorant if I said I had not heard of the Alkaline diet until it appeared on my radar a couple of weeks ago. But hey, every day is always another opportunity to learn something new. And this time I am learning about a home-based Alkaline diet from nutritional expert Melanie Waxman of  SHA Wellness, the internationally acclaimed health and wellness medical spa.