Anti-aging Treatments

Beauty Spotlight: LPG Anti-Aging Renewal Cream

LPG Anti-Aging Renewal Cream: Miracle Solution for Wrinkles?You’ve had it before, and you are about to hear it again – all of us can’t escape the aging process. But on a brighter side, we can always try our best to slow down the effects of aging. This can be done in different ways like a change of lifestyle, a skin-pick-me-up treatment (my favorite), or going all in into plastic surgery, and maybe having your lunch with a side of Botox, a nip and tuck, or trying the non-surgical facelift. On the other hand, there are millions who swear by certain antiaging products like an anti-aging renewal cream, serum, or gel.

Guest Post: What you Need to Know Before Having Botox

Botox Treatment: What You Need to Know BeforehandThe popularity of Botox treatment (or Brotox) is bound to keep on rising. Celebrities, mums, dads, young professionals, everyone seems to want to smooth out that wrinkle or three on their face. And with almost zero downtime and faster results, you don’t need to spend time at any hospital after having your lunch with a side of Botox. To say the least, this Botox trend that never seems to get old is always a quick fix when a wrinkle seems to be out of place. Since some of us have already had their share of Botox, we sought out some professionals in the field to tell us what’s the most important thing you should consider before jumping on the Botox bandwagon.

Can a Naturally Sad-looking Face be ‘Made’ Happier?

Naturally Sad-looking Face: Possible Causes and Cosmetic TreatmentsSome people have a naturally sad-looking face, which they can’t help, (I know one such person). For this person, most people who don’t know her think she is always sad and miserable or is incapable of showing any kinds of emotions, or she simply doesn’t care; but that’s a story for another day (resting b. face anyone?). On the other hand, there are folks who have developed a naturally sad-looking face over time for one reason or another. So in my search for answers, I caught up with my regular go-to expert in faces and all that – Dr. Rory McGoldrick a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who shed some answers on what causes a naturally sad-looking face, and what could be done about it.

How the Shape of Your Face Can Play a Role When it Comes to Aging

Face Shape and Age: How the Shape of Your Face Contributes to AgingWhen the aging process kicks in, the first place it starts showing is on the face, from wrinkles and fine lines to loss of volume. Different areas of the face can age differently which can most likely be attributed to the shape of your face. I caught up with Dr. Rory McGoldrick, a Dubai-based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who shed more light on how your face shape ages and what you can possibly do to delay or reverse the process.

A Sip of this Gold Elixir Can Fight Signs of Aging

Gold Collagen – New Generation Anti-aging Collagen DrinksIt’s a given that although we cannot stop the aging process, we can at least delay the signs including fine lines and wrinkles. Currently, most of us (myself included) are obsessed with topical and minimally invasive anti-aging skin care treatments and products; but recently beauty shots aka anti-aging collagen drinks have become the holy grail of delaying the signs of aging. I have posted about these anti-aging collagen drinks in the past, and I’ll keep on bringing you more as I stumble upon them, to help you decide which one to go for if any, like the Gold Collagen by Minerva Research Labs.