Could this Bistro Have the Best German Bread on this Side of the Rhine?

Brothaus Bakery-Bistro: Best German Bread on this Side of the RhineIt’s true that the love story between the Germans and their bread reaches far back in history. Other than beer, punctuality, and organization, there are not many other things that are considered to be quite so quintessentially German. Bread is so woven into the fabric of their culture (or so I hear), to the point where you’ll find twice the number of bakeries as there are pharmacies (or maybe they just don’t get sick that often). Honouring this proud German legacy, bakers across Germany have made it their life’s work to create the perfect recipe for the best German bread. And on this side of the Rhine, there might be one bakery that gets it right; the Brothaus bakery-bistro located at Steigenberger Hotel in Business Bay. 

What Makes Brothaus Bakery-Bistro Stand Out?

Brothaus Bakery-Bistro: Best German Bread on this Side of the RhineWell, in addition to the cozy vibe of the Biergarten terrace with its wooden flooring, cozy seating and lush greenery, Brothaus bakery has a delightful selection of all-time German favorites included in the new menu. The newspaper-style ‘Brothaus Zeitung’ calls for a relaxed read-through of the quirky content and fun facts.

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‘Brezel’, Anyone?

Brothaus Bakery-Bistro: Best German Bread on this Side of the RhineWho can resist a big, warm, salty pretzel or ‘brezel’ as it is correctly pronounced? The Brothaus chefs started the quest to bake the perfect pretzel a year ago. After several progressively delicious attempts, the ‘bread house’ can now confidently claim to have not only the best German bread but the ‘Best Pretzel in Dubai’, served up in seven scrumptious flavors including za’atar, sesame, sunflower seed, and cheese.

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Original Black Forest Cake

Brothaus Bakery-Bistro: Best German Bread on this Side of the RhineBaking a traditional German cake is all about balancing time, temperature and ingredients. Not content to stop there, the Brothaus Bakery-Bistro chefs, again, stayed true to tradition so we can indulge in the original taste of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (black-forest cake), the Frankfurter Kranz, or a warm Apple Strudel. Your taste buds will be saying Wunderbar before you know it.

And since it’s clear by now that Brothaus cakes simply cannot be ignored, we would suggest you take your next cheat-day there, where there’s nothing sweeter than meeting friends for a Kaffee Klatsch (coffee gossip). Be it a refreshing stop for mums on the run, or just a cozy afternoon catch-up, coffee, cakes, and conversation definitely makes a great combination. For those who know your coffee, Brothaus is one of the only venues in Dubai that offers ‘Nightjar Coffee’.

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Best German Bread

Brothaus Bakery-Bistro: Best German Bread on this Side of the RhineAccording to Stephen Meredith, General Manager, like everything else in life, traditions are changing fast. “We have seen convenience overtaking the craft of baking, and while this may offer convenience and a quick snack, we feel that a properly baked piece of bread made by a loving baker can never be replaced. Taste it for yourself at Brothaus Bakery-bistro and tell me I’m wrong!”

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