Guest Post: Beauty Treatments You Shouldn’t Overlook This Year

Beauty Treatments Trends You Shouldn’t Overlook This YearBeauty treatments trends can be a controversial subject at times, if not shunned in certain circles. Yet we know that most women long to know whether any of them really work. Youth and beauty are a constant craving for a lot of ladies, and having the option to erase the stress and the marks of aging from our faces and bodies is a powerful thing.

These beauty treatments trends are almost a way to rewind the clock and give us our confidence back, a way to make us enjoy looking at our own reflection in the mirror a bit more. But the question is, are any of these necessary? Of course not. Most of us can live without them and have dinner with a side of our wrinkles. On the other hand, you can choose to reduce them, by either having your lunch with a side of Botox or Ultherapy. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you (man or woman). We’re here merely to offer some suggestions for some quick beauty treatments.

Beauty Treatments Trends You Should Consider Before the Year is over

Chemical peels

For anyone who’s fighting skin spots such as acne scars and pigmentation, chemical peels can be a really good solution. Acidic solutions are used to peel away damaged skin, leaving smooth new layers with visibly reduced scarring. It’s a lot cheaper than any surgery, and the treatment is pretty quick and generally painless (sort of).

Beauty Treatments Trends You Shouldn’t Overlook This Year

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Similar to chemical peels, microdermabrasion is a great way to remove a layer of damaged and dull skin cells. It can actually help with wrinkles as well, especially the fine lines around our mouth and eyes. It’s performed using some special micro-crystals (including diamonds), and the procedure stimulates the production of collagen and skin renewal, and it’s really a big beauty trend among various celebrities. How do they have such smooth and unblemished skin? Well, now you know.

Beauty Treatments Trends You Shouldn’t Overlook This Year

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Another really popular of the beauty treatments trends, especially among Australian ladies, is cool sculpting. Given the fact that they spend a lot of their time on the beach, it’s normal that our hot Aussie sisters want a treatment that helps them get rid of cellulite and smoothes their legs to perfection for those skimpy bathing suits. A non-invasive procedure that’s easier than liposuction, this is a great choice for anyone whose confidence hits a low point every time summer comes around the corner.

Beauty Treatments Trends You Shouldn’t Overlook This Year

Thread Lift

Hate your jowls and the excess of flabby skin? Well, there’s a really great solution right now. Similarly to Cool sculpting, it’s very popular in Australia, and going to your aesthetician for a quick tread lift in Sydney is becoming a common thing. It’s a minimally-invasive procedure that’s done under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. It can even be used to correct droopy eyebrows, and just generally tighten your cheek and lower jaw area.

Beauty Treatments Trends You Shouldn’t Overlook This Year


Ever since the thick eyebrow trend came back into style, women have been trying to get a set of lush, full eyebrows. Since most of us plucked the living hell out of our eyebrows during the nineties, we’re left with a thin, sparse mess that sits oddly on our face, and that has to be fixed with makeup. And while there are various makeup tools that give us really great results, it takes time to draw on a perfect brow every single morning, and there’s that sense of disappointment once we come home and wipe away all our effort. Microblading is luckily more permanent than makeup and it significantly reduces the time we spend in front of the mirror as we get ready. If you find a good cosmetician, you can get a beautiful set of natural-looking brows, and it will last for months with minimal touch-ups needed.

Beauty Treatments Trends You Shouldn’t Overlook This Year

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Laser Hair Removal

Off all the beauty treatment trends, laser hair removal takes the prize for its effectiveness and results. After all, shaving and waxing have to be some of the most annoying and time-consuming parts of our beauty routine. It’s no wonder that a lot of women are opting to go for laser hair removal. Although it sounds like an expensive thing, in the end, it helps you save a ton of money because you’ll no longer have to waste it to book a waxing treatment every few weeks. Besides, having skin that’s always smooth and ready for short skirts is pretty great as well.

Beauty Treatments Trends You Shouldn’t Overlook This Year

Dermal Fillers

Plump your lips or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dermal fillers are popular in Hollywood and among middle-aged women. It’s a fast way to a plumper, youthful skin, and you can go in for a few treatments and come back looking refreshed.

Beauty Treatments Trends You Shouldn’t Overlook This Year

Beauty is a very personal thing. Each woman chooses her own way to be beautiful, and no one else should really have a say in it. There are many beauty tips available so make sure to analyze all your options and indulge yourself. These beauty treatments trends can be great ways to pamper yourself and enhance your features, so pick the ones you like and enjoy your new look.

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