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5 Ways You Can Fight Dry Skin During Winter

5 Ways You Can Fight Dry Skin During WinterThe cold season is finally here; but with it comes dry air which leaves us scampering for ways to fight dry skin during winter time. The low humidity levels (in summer we are always complaining about the high humidity in Dubai) results in dry air which in turn robs our skin the moisture it needs to keep it looking and feeling healthy.

Top Foods for Beautiful Skin

top foods for beautiful skinMy love for natural products is no secret, which comes as no surprise that I am sharing some of the top foods for beautiful skin. Eating my way to a healthy skin is always on my to-do list. It was inspired by my mother who is in her 50s but looks 40. She loves her fruits and keeping herself well-hydrated with natural drinks, which has obviously reflected on her beautiful skin.

Surprising Wonders and Benefits of Garlic

Surprising Wonders and Benefits of GarlicGarlic is the one herb that always seems to add that extra kick to food. And it’s no surprise that the benefits of garlic are never-ending. I mean, every time I am either stewing something or marinating my meats, it is always my go-to spice. So with my big love for garlic, I thought I would become a guest on Finding Beauty Middle East and share some of the benefits of garlic with you.