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Flower Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Year

Flower Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This YearFlower trends keep changing year after year, or season after season. Also, people’s tastes seem to alter constantly, depending on the occasion that is calling for these flowers. And since most of us who appreciate (or don’t mind giving) a unique bouquet once in a while like to stay in the know of what 2018 has in store in terms of flower trends, we had the nice folks from Forever Rose (or Bella Rose) share what flower trends lie ahead this year, in addition to the flower types, floral arrangements, and colors you’ll be seeing quite often.

Expert Advice on Dieting the Right Way

Diet for Weight Loss: Expert Advice on Losing Weight the Right WayAfter all the hobnobbing we did over the holidays, it’s not surprising that some us have weight loss as the number one resolution this year. We are already in the middle of January and some of our New Year’s resolutions are falling by the wayside already.  Maybe it’s because you’ve not quite managed to stick to your diet for weight loss, or you’re confused about what you should be eating.  Don’t fret, because our favorite wellness consultant from Intercare Wellness in Abu Dhabi – Dr. Nas Al Jafari – has your back. Today he’s sharing his insight and top tips on how to diet for weight loss, and shed that kilo or three in a healthy manner this New Year.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ireland in 2018

Visit Ireland: 5 Reasons Why Ireland is a Must-visit in 2018We are sliding quite well into the New Year, which means new opportunities and chances to make more memories, and get it right. It might feel a tad bit early to start making travel plans (considering most of us are still settling in after the holidays), but (sorry to disappoint), it’s never too early. Actually, it’s the best time to plan your holidays and trips for this year, instead of waiting for last minute preparations (unlike some of us who up and go at the drop of a hat). And with so many places to choose from and numerous activities on the bucket list, why not visit Ireland, which is known as an all-embracing destination that offers something for everyone? Not to mention, it’s one of the must-visit destinations of 2018!

Hydrogen Infused Water is Now a Trend

hydrogen infused waterTruth be told, I have never come across any hydrogen infused water trend considering I’m always on the lookout for new ‘healthy trends’. Apparently, this so-called H2-water is great at ridding you of exhaustion and fatigue, instantly boosting your energy levels, and keeping you charged up for your activities (whatever they might be). So in the course of my search for this special water, I came across the H2GO, (a branded H2 water), which was recently launched by QNET.

Dining News Roundup to Keep You and Your Palate Busy

Dining Spots Around Dubai that Will Keep You and Your Palate BusyWith hundreds of dining spots around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, sometimes it can be easy to be spoilt for choice. Be it for brunch, date night or a simple coffee, I’ve rounded up a few dining spots around Dubai that have something new to show this January, and which you might just want to try out. From new restaurants, new menu additions (healthy or otherwise) and everything in between, your palate will surely thank you.

Beauty Spotlight: Natural Beauty with LPG Endermologie

Natural Beauty: Simple Guide on Staying Healthy and Glowing with LPG EndermologieEvery year (well… most years) many of us come up with some New Year resolutions. Most of these so-called resolutions revolve around improving your health and body i.e. hitting the gym more, cutting down on alcohol, and eating healthy. In short, we want to maintain a well-balanced life. But this time around, we are also looking towards skin fitness, since natural beauty is now a thing. And truth be told, to achieve natural beauty, you’ve got to not only be physically fit and healthy but skin-fit as well.