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Fashion Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

Fashion Hacks Every Girl Needs to KnowDo you feel like you are stuck in a style rut? The world of fashion and style can be at most confusing. If you cringe inwardly, feeling like a mess every time you see one of those style goddesses who always seems perfectly put together, you don’t need to worry. This is because we have a little something to take you straight to style heaven! Scarlet Gratton, our guest contributor, has put together a short list of amazing fashion hacks that will teach you how to be stylish!

Guest Post: What you Need to Know Before Having Botox

Botox Treatment: What You Need to Know BeforehandThe popularity of Botox treatment (or Brotox) is bound to keep on rising. Celebrities, mums, dads, young professionals, everyone seems to want to smooth out that wrinkle or three on their face. And with almost zero downtime and faster results, you don’t need to spend time at any hospital after having your lunch with a side of Botox. To say the least, this Botox trend that never seems to get old is always a quick fix when a wrinkle seems to be out of place. Since some of us have already had their share of Botox, we sought out some professionals in the field to tell us what’s the most important thing you should consider before jumping on the Botox bandwagon.

Cool Beauty Tips for the Lazy Girl Next Door

Cool Beauty Tips for the Lazy Girl Next DoorSome people call it lazy, but we call it practical. Who’s got the time for all those complex makeup looks and ten-step skincare routines that take more than half an hour every night? You love beauty, but damn, you love sleeping more, and there’s no way you’re getting up early in the morning just to do your hair. And let’s face it, low-maintenance girls are totally fun and laid-back. So, ladies, let us give you a few cool beauty tips that will save you time, and yet make you look totally breath-taking every day.