5 Top Autumn / Winter Beauty Trends

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends that You Should Start Looking Out For 1It feels so good saying this, but winter is almost here. In the UAE we are always waiting for the cooler season, after being scorched to a crisp during the never-ending summer months (which by the way are not over, meaning it’s still hot). But new seasons are just around the corner, and with every new season comes new beauty trends, and with that comes the need for brand new beauty buys. That being said, I’ve compiled some top 5 Autumn-Winter beauty trends straight from the AW17/18 runway to give you a glimpse of what you should be looking forward to.

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Autumn-Winter Beauty Trends to Anticipate

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends that You Should Start Looking Out For 1

Dark Lips        

If you’re going to wear one lipstick color this autumn, make it a deep berry shade or a Burgundy, or even a blackened plum because dark lips are all the rage this season (I think I’m two years ahead). Pair the look with a dose of black liner or with no makeup at all.

Just Peachy


It’s always good to play with peach tones and these Autumn-Winter beauty trends bring just that! Think peach flush on the cheeks, warm peach eye shadows and subtle peach lipsticks. Who wouldn’t want a pretty, practical, peachy beauty look?


Let There Be Light

A minimal, natural-looking beauty with a focus on glowing skin has been a runway beauty trend for a while now, and this season it’s no different. To get the look, indulge in luminous foundations, highlighters, and gloss. For a more defined look, keep your lashes curled and your eyebrows groomed.

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Lids of Color

Make your eyes pop! The season is all about eyeliners and eye shadows that could double up as crayons and paint! To perfect this look, make your eyes a stand-alone statement.


Perfect Nude

Autumn/Winter Beauty Trends that You Should Start Looking Out For 1A lot of beauty trends come and go, but nude makeup will always be in style! Look for nudes that suit your skin-tone, foundations for flawless application, natural blush tones and concealers for the perfect nude look.

So, pucker up and get ready for the autumn-winter beauty trends which we hope will not disappoint. You can get similar products from Paris Gallery.


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