5 Running Tips to Get you to Enjoy Breaking that Sweat

Running Tips for Beginners to Get you to Love Keeping Fit on the GoI love most kinds of exercise. After all keeping fit is somewhat part of life. What I’ve never really enjoyed, and probably will never, is running. I am one of those people who reiterate certain jokes about running (to me they aren’t jokes). And sometimes I wonder how people do it and what their running tips for beginners or secrets would be.

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I have met certain humans who can do about 6km and then some in a short period of time, and then there’s me (zero hope). But running dislike aside, have you ever wanted to love running but you don’t know how or where to begin; like which foot comes before which? Well, luck is on your side because the lovely Ms. Tala Al Ejou is happy to share with us some running tips for beginners, which might get you (me) to actually enjoy the exercise. Just in case you don’t have a clue who this strong and beautiful woman is, she happens to be a remarkable personal trainer, running coach, triathlete, creator of Run Wild, Run Free and the newest ambassador to join Lululemon.

 “Honey, I don’t run. If you ever see me running, you’d better start running too ‘cause that means that something is chasing me.” ― Kristen ProbyPlay with Me

Running Tips for Beginners

Start Off Slow

One of the best running tips so far is to start off slow; get a good base first before deciding to run 10km and hating the whole experience. You know your own body. And just like everything in fitness, it takes time. So have some patience, let your body adapt to running and over time as you get fitter, those 10 min runs you started off with will turn into easy 30 minutes runs.

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Time Not Distance

Run by time and not distance. It sounds less intimidating to go out and run for 30 minutes than it is to go out and run 5km. Running a distance sets too much pressure to get that distance done. On the other hand, when you run by a set time, you enjoy the experience more and when that time is up, your run is over.

Running Tips for Beginners to Get you to Love Keeping Fit on the Go

Comfortable Shoes

Run with a pair of comfortable shoes. There’s nothing worse that starting off your first run with terrible blisters. Find the right pair, which fits you, and not because someone told you how amazing their shoes are. We all have different foot morphology and running styles. So find your shoe and put your best food forward.

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Find a Running Club

Find a running community or run club that fits in with that you are trying to achieve. Dubai is an amazing place, with a wide variety of running clubs that cater to all levels. Running with people is one of the best running tips for beginners and it will motivate you to keep going throughout a run. A good running community or buddy will hold you accountable, and they’ll push you through those days you don’t want to run.

Set Small Goals as a Beginner

Don’t sign up for a half marathon, before you have even run a 10km race. Start slow, enjoy the experience, and then increase the mileage. Once all that comes in place, sign up for races, have fun, then start to set some goals and targets.

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Best of luck in your running journey because you need it, that’s if you are anything like me. These running tips are motivating and all, but the key to fitness and health is finding that one exercise you are comfortable with, and then running with it. But for sure I will try running again (‘try’ being the operative word); you never know what happens (maybe a miracle).


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