5 Popular Skincare Treatments to Get you Ready for the Festivities

Facial Toner Benefits for Your Skin Beauty and Skincare RoutineIt’s never too early to start planning for the festive season, especially when it comes to prepping your skin. There are simple skincare treatments, and then there are popular skincare treatments, which give your skin a quick pick-me-up that will leave you radiant and fresh-looking way after the merry season is over.

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To get your skin looking the part, I had my contact over at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery – a leading cosmetics clinic in the region, snitch on the most-wanted non-surgical skincare treatments as witnessed by the center.

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5 Popular Skincare Treatments in Dubai

Hydropeeling Skin Treatment

Popular Skincare Treatments to Get You Started for the Festive SeasonHydropeeling facial treatment, which is a little similar to HydraFacial MD, is gaining quite the following as an anti-aging non-surgical treatment as well as a must-have for anyone looking for an instant radiance. It is one the latest methods of advanced non-laser skin resurfacing, which leaves the skin well hydrated and radiant in addition to resolving skin issues like enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne. The procedure is very gentle and even soothing to the skin and does not have any downtime.

Cost: AED 499

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Carbon Laser Facial – The Hollywood Peel

Popular Skincare Treatments to Get You Started for the Festive SeasonCarbon laser facial, known mostly as the Hollywood Peel, is a lunch-hour skin treatment that is quite popular with celebrities (hence the name) due to its non-invasive and pain-free qualities. It also treats skin imperfections without any downtime, side-effects or scarring. The Carbon Peel incorporates the use of a laser on a medical carbon cream layer applied on the skin (the black slimy stuff). This layer acts as a photo-enhancer, which vaporizes (micro-explodes) when the laser is applied to it. This ‘vaporization’ takes with it a very thin layer of your skin, leaving the remainder of your skin glowing with a youthful complexion. During the treatment, Q-switched Laser, which is a state-of-the-art laser machine that delivers targeted high-intensity pulses of light to the skin, is used.

Cost: AED 850

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Glycolic Acid Skin Peel

Popular Skincare Treatments to Get You Started for the Festive SeasonGlycolic Skin Peel, also known as a Milk Peel, it is a quick pick-me-up for any skin type. The peel, which I’ve done a couple of times, uses a glycolic strength of 50% and gives immediate results. In addition, it doesn’t have any downtime. The peel is a mixture of 3 chemical skin peels rolled into one – glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid -which play different roles when applied onto the skin. The results of a glycolic skin peel are unbelievably glowing!

Cost: AED 1500

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Caviar-Infused Facial

Popular Skincare Treatments to Get You Started for the Festive SeasonCaviar, which is a costly delicacy, is also a good addition to any skincare regimen. But just in case you want to have it dosed into your skin, you should go for a caviar-infused facial treatment. This will not only beautify and rejuvenate your skin but will also wipe a few years off of it. Some of the benefits of a caviar-infused facial include radiant skin, anti-aging, skin texture improvement and skin renewal. The treatment has zero downtime and does not leave any scarring (review coming soon).

Cost: AED 850

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Laser Hair Removal

Popular Skincare Treatments to Get You Started for the Festive SeasonAlthough it will always be an oldie for me, laser hair removal is one of the most popular skincare treatments. The treatment is your gateway to a permanent reduction of unwanted body hair (talk armpits, bikini or full body). Although laser hair removal is considered a women’s thing, men also use it to have a precisely designed beard (that Middle Eastern look) among other areas. If done by a licensed pro, laser hair removal does not have any downtime or scarring.

Cost: Starting from AED 500

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Although the above popular skincare treatments are non-surgical, they should be done by a licensed and experienced professional like a plastic surgeon, laser therapist or medical aesthetician.


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