3 Beauty Travel Tips for the Travel Junky in You

Beauty Travel Tips for the Ultimate Vacation GlowI know it’s only a few days before we start saying goodbye to summer and all its traveling, but I’m sure there are those who haven’t traveled yet and are still planning on doing it. Also, the end of summer does not mean zero traveling! Some of us up and go on a moment’s notice! And since going around the globe and switching times zones can leave the skin feeling less than normal (in addition to the jet lag), the folks over at Bio-Oil are here once again to share their top 3 beauty travel tips with the travel junky in you.

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Beauty Travel Tips for the Ultimate Glow


There has never been a list of beauty travel tips (or any beauty tips) that did not include moisturizing. And since airplane windows don’t filter out the sun’s rays (that’s if you have a window seat), before take-off mix one to two drops of Bio-Oil with your SPF product and apply to the skin. Enriched with Vitamin E, Bio-Oil will moisturize the skin, and with the ingredient, PurCellin Oil™, the oil can be absorbed into the skin immediately without leaving a greasy feeling.

Hydrate from the inside-out

Drink plenty of water during the flight, and don’t rely on that little cup that the flight attendants pass around because there is nothing worse than feeling dehydrated. Infuse a bottle of water with lavender or lemon to boost hydration from the inside-out.

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 Beauty Sleep

Mix one-two drops of Bio-Oil with your favorite eye serum and massage under and above your eyes to boost that dose of eye care. Keep a travel sized lavender pillow on you, because the soothing smell of lavender will keep you calm and relaxed.

We all know there’s no magical jet lag cure, but by following these beauty travel tips, you might come out on top, at least with a more beautiful skin.


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